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I am creating this blog to introduce you to my interesting books that I have published. I have two blogs on hair, skin, nails, men, and anything girl related. Please check out my www.new-image-today.mozello.com blog as well as my www.sexy-strategies.mozello.com blog.

Mean Girls When Mother Nature is ONe

Mean Girls: When Mother Nature is One - Carmen Monique

Do you ever feel like Mother Nature is like that brat sister that can just do anything and get away with it? It's enough that we get a monthly, and beauty is pain and stuff but fibroids? She has really crossed the line. Mother Nature is a mean girl that needs to be taken down. A queen bee that need to be knocked off her thrown. In this book I will share with you my journey with fibroids and how I beat them. With all the vitamins out there and everyone trying to sell you something, I will show you the synergy that worked for me. If you are trying to avoid surgery and want to do things the natural way, this book is for you. Included is a before and after picture and my four month change. It's time to take back your health and show Mother Nature who is boss!!!